CS-PRIME for Maternal Child Health Case Management and Data Collection

Complete support for federal Healthy Start programs. CS-PRIME is an innovative web-based case management system, designed to support the core components of the typical Healthy Start grantee, including outreach, health education, case management, risk screening, XML, and more.

CS-PRIME contains additional functionality, such as a complete ad-hoc reporting toolkit. One key benefit of the software is the ability to produce HRSA-required performance measures, in real time. ChallengerSoft has successfully implemented this system for multiple Healthy Start programs and is actively promoting the development of standards where possible.


As a web-based multi-user application, CS-PRIME is designed to be implemented across the entire organization. This allows real time data entry and administrators/supervisors have access to and management of meaningful information. The system is built around case management and each case type has its own process/workflow. The process/workflow determines the sequence of forms to be completed throughout the participant lifecycle. Consistency in data capture, combined with innovative ad-hoc reporting tools allows support of real time data tracking. As well as providing a complete management tool, CS-PRIME supports multiple reporting needs.

Customer Support

CS-Prime includes regularly scheduled support calls. Staff are also available via email, for additional support, outside regular calls. Client Services staff have a background in Maternal/Child Health, as well as experience working in and with federal Healthy Start programs.

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