CS-PRIME CORE for Healthy Start - Case Management System

COMPLETE SUPPORT FOR HEALTHY START PROGRAMS: CS-PRIME CORE for Healthy Start is an innovative web-based Case Management system, designed to support the Core Components of the typical Healthy Start grantee, including Outreach, Health Education, Case Management, Interconceptional Care, Depression Screening and more.

The latest release of CS-PRIME CORE V1.1 also has full support for the required (CoIIN) Screening Tools and uploading of XML formatted data to the HRSA sponsored HSMED system.

Fully customizable to meet individual program needs, this unique software product also contains additional functionality, such a complete ad-hoc reporting toolkit. One key benefit of the software is the ability to produce all HRSA-required Performance Measures, throughout the fiscal year. ChallengerSoft has successfully implemented this system for multiple Healthy Start programs, and is actively promoting the development of standards wherever possible. A user group, exclusively for ChallengerSoft Healthy Start customers is also fully supported.

WORKFLOW AND IMPLEMENTATION: As a web-based multi-user application, CS-PRIME CORE for HealthyStart is designed to be implemented across the entire organization, allowing Case Managers to enter client data at source and to allow management to have access to meaningful information online. The system is built around the concept of Case Management, and each Case Type (e.g. Prenatal, Pediatric etc.) may have its own Process or Work-Flow. The workflow determines the sequence of forms to be completed throughout the lifecycle of each Case. With such consistency in data capture, combined with innovative ad-hoc reporting tools, ChallengerSoft today is supporting the data tracking requirements of Healthy Start programs at a new level. As well as providing a complete management tool, CS-PRIME CORE for HealthyStart also supports mandatory and local reporting needs.

GROWING HS LIBRARY: As additional installations are completed in multiple states, ChallengerSoft has been given permission by each program to compile a growing library of input forms. These are proving to be helpful for other Healthy Start programs, to compare with their forms, and to incorporate as needed. Please CONTACT US for more information on CS-PRIME CORE for HealthyStart.

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